SHORES Langeland will encapsulate the many possibilities which are available for water activities along the 142 km long coastline of Langeland.


“Langeland, a hotspot for water activities

SHORES Langeland is a project started by the locals. SHORES is a project brought in to this world with one purpose and one purpose only: To secure and develop the entire coastline around Langeland and Strynoe. Using the unique qualities given by nature and developing these means that unique water experiences will be developed and they can only to be experienced on Langeland.

The shores of Langeland and the nature is world-class and have some of the most unique scenarios and nature experiences you will ever see. When traveling around Langeland, you are never more than 6 km from the coast. This means that you always will be able to find the right weather conditions for practicing your specific water activity.

The development of SHORES is in the early beginning. New water activities will continue to arise, and new maritime experiences will occur.